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Zena Roses Ltd is accredited with the world industry certifications including MPS and Fairtrade.

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From Field production to Sales, our teams are ever pushing the limits of flower production industry. We continuously pioneer new flower breeds and introduce them to the market.

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Established in 1996 as a flower firm in Kenya, we have exported high quality cut flowers globally for more than 20 years - we're leading the industry to the future.

standard rose

Standard Roses: single bloom on a single stem

These roses are characterized by a single bloom growing on a single stem. They are available in different varieties and colour and also in different stem heights: 40 - 60 cm and 70 - 90 cm.

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Spray Roses: grows with clusters of blooms on a single stem

Spray roses grow with clusters of blooms on a single branch or stem; thus creating "a spray smaller blooms".

Flower buds in a spray of roses are always in various stages of maturity - from tight buds to fully open blooms.

The foliage usually creates attractive backgound for the brightly coloured blooms. Among other uses, spray roses may be used to create small bouquets and corsages.


Crysanthemums: from the daisy family of plants

It has brightly coloured ornamental flowers and has many cultivated varieties.

Some of the varieties include:

  • Galaxy (white)
  • Baronesse (red)
  • Flexy (yellow)
  • Cheers (white)
  • Queen Solaya (Yellow)
  • Ashley (pink)
  • Lovely pink (pink)
  • Charming ice (white)
  • Royal purple (purple)
  • Amani (Green)
Gypsophila paniculata, 'New Love'

Gypsophila paniculata - belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family

Characterized by highly branched panicles, leafless stems and numerous small flowers. Most species bloom with white flowers, but some have shades of pink.

Most popular varieties are 'Baby's breath'(Million star), 'Perfector' and 'New Love'. It is commonly used as a filler in floral arrangements and also in making bouquets.

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Rosemary: related to Mint, with an aromatic fragrance.

Rosemary has the botanical name Rosmarinus Officinalis. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants (which is related to Mint).

It is small, evergreen and perennial shrub. It grows to a height of 2 to 6 feet.

It has leaves that resemble flat pine tree needles. The leaves are deep green on the top and lighter gray-green underneath. As the plant matures, the stems develop a woody texture.

It has an aromatic fragrance.


Eucalyptus: for beautiful bouquets, baby blue variety available

Eucalyptus plants have bark that is either smooth, fibrous, hard or stringy. The leaves have oil glands; with sepals and petals fused to form a "cap" over the stamens.

Available common varieties include Baby Blue, Parvifolia, Gumdrop, Feather, Silver Dollar, Willow and Gunni. Eucalyptus create beautiful bouquets.

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